11th Annual Utah Snow & Avalanche Workshop Open and Motorized Sessions Oct. 27th.
Observation Date: 
Observer Name: 
Location Name or Route: 
Snowbasin Backcountry
Moderate Snowfall
Wind Direction: 
Wind Speed: 
Weather Comments: 
Very windy on the upper ridges. High Precip rates in the valley in the morning but were not as strong at snowbasin. New snow depth in the 10" range.
Snow Characteristics
New Snow Depth: 
New Snow Density: 
Snow Surface Conditions: 
Snow Characteristics Comments: 

Good riding much heavier than the last storm.

Red Flags
Red Flags: 
Recent Avalanches
Heavy Snowfall
Wind Loading
Avalanche Problem #1
New Snow
Decreasing Danger
Problem #1 Comments: 

Very easy to trigger storm slabs in all terrain today.  Up to 10" deep fast running.  These were the snow form Sunday to today. They were failing on the very low density snow from Saturday 2/25.  Very touchy and fast moving.  Good news is they were usually breaking on ski tips.

Avalanche Problem #2
Loose Dry Snow
Decreasing Danger
Problem #2 Comments: 

I could not get much with Wind Slabs today but than again we did not spend much time on the ridges.  That is why dry loose.  These were once again entraining a lot of snow a fast moving.  


Interesting day today. I was guessing we would  see a pretty widespread storm slab cycle and we did.  The snow in the Ogden Valley was much lighter than up on the crest today.  This surprised me.  I did not see any naturals but yes Human triggered storm slab avalanches were likely today.  I would say that wind slabs were possible from my short trip into wind effected terrain.  Pretty much anything we jumped on that was avalanche terrain propagated out from your ski tips and got moving quite fast.  One person in my group (very strong skier) was crossing back under a small pocket that he has triggered (20x40) and was knocked off his feet in steep terrain.  This just shows you that well traveled and strong skiers can still get tricked if you do not treat these small pockets with some thought.  I was surprised that only one small group of people were riding in Hells Proper.  This was good news.   This is the unforgiving terrain that if you are not experienced in travel could easily be fooled and swept through trees or over cliffs.  I am unsure how quickly this storm slab will heal.  We had so much low density snow last weekend I am concerned it could stay active longer than the usual Utah 48 hours of storm slab.  It will be fun to see if it as reactive tomorrow.

I apologize for no good photos.  When I was taking pictures of the new storm slabs we triggered my phone was really zoomed in and I did not notice so this is all you get.  Sorry again.  10" deep though.

I am saying considerable for today because storm slabs were likely to be triggered.  I would say moderate for Loose dry and wind slabs.  But the wind slabs will be a lot more stubborn and probably larger and harder in slab characteristics.  

Today's Observed Danger Rating: 
Tomorrows Estimated Danger Rating: 
Snow Profile Coordinates: 

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