Observation: Electric Lake

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Darce Trotter / Steve Cote


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Electric Lake
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we waited till just after lunch to go up, hoping to time both some visibility and allowing snow to cool, but 27 degrees was just not cool enough. Visibility was good, really warm, and when sun would break through, you could tell it was not January anymore.
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last part of storm did cool out, but not until early morning hours, and final burst was white, but very wet, manky, knee twisting stuff, glued to old surface.  We had hope some water would perc out and dry the surface, but alas, not at 9000', did not go up much higher due to poor conditions

Red Flags
Red Flags
Rapid Warming
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stations on north end of Plateau reporting nearly another inch of water, but some rain, the rest in 3"4" of snow, drainage channels seem well established due to week of unseasonably warm temps and lack of significant overnight refreezing, roller balls on steeper slopes indicate wet muckers likely if you were so inclined to initiate them. We drove over the summit of Fairview Canyon to Miller Flat turn around, road is closed from that point down into Huntington Canyon, no evidence of recent activity, cornices sagging and looking old, some nearly touching the surface below, I guess rain does not make the greatest cornices. Snow mobiles were out in force, watched one highmark the center of Big Drift just under cornice , get stuck, get off and pull sled pointing and drove down without incident.
Avalanche Problem #1
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related to daytime heating, lessens with elevation and if temps cool out, this stuff is going to lock up hard 

Avalanche Problem #2
Wet Slab
Decreasing Danger
Problem #2 Comments

Pack is super saturated down about 14"-16", but, again, if temps cool out as forecast, this will heal quickly, different story at lower elevations, could still be a problem on roadcuts and very steep slopes. 

Snow Profile
Slope Angle

Really nice paint job, looked good, did not ski good

we can only hope for a cold snap to set things up, and then a new coat of snow.  Forecast temps just do not seem enough to dry out surface snow, but 10,000' sheltered N facing could still yield some turns, you just will have to work for it.  


Mostly 11's today

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