Observation: Upper Weber Canyon

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Upper Weber Canyon
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High clouds in the first part of the morning, with partly cloudy skies the rest of the day. Winds were strong right on the top of the upper elevation ridges, but just off the peaks, winds were much lighter. Temp was warm, with no refreeze below about 9,500'.
Snow Characteristics
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Snow was damp up to about 9,500', with a thin rain crust on top. Snow about 9,500' was very dense - the wet snow that came in on Tuesday has set up like concrete on all slopes.

Avalanche Problem #1
Wind Slab
Problem #1 Comments

Not sure what to call these wind slabs or something else, but the wet snow from Tuesday that has not setup like concrete is overlying lighter density snow from the couple days prior to this storm (see attached pit). Although the structure looks a bit odd for us, it was not sensitive to a variety of tests and stability testing. Thinking that this is because 1) this layer is acting as a bridge because it is so dense; and 2) the snow underneath is not that weak (some decomposing stellars).

Snow Profile

Still finding evidence of a few naturals from Tuesday. All were in wind loaded areas and often seemed to be triggered by cornice fall. See photo below.

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