Observation: Tony Grove Lake

Observation Date
Observer Name
Eric and Amy Flygare


Location Name or Route
Tony Grove

We were surprised to see very little avalanche activity in the Tony area.  Skies were clear so we got a decent look around (at least in the lower Tony area).  Other than a small 6-12 inch deep, 40 foot wide slab, running and 200 vertical on the north side of Rocky bowl (see pic 1), there was very little evidence of slab activity.  There were some older crowns visible on the cliffs above the lake and one other in the saddle between Rocky and Miller bowls but that was all the slab activity we could see. 

There were some significant point release sluffs on most steep slopes on all aspects.  These sluffs were limited to the top few inches of the snowpack and did not propagate into lower layers.  The sun was out most of the morning and we noticed it started to affect the snow surface on south facing slopes, initiating additional small loose sluffs.  


We broke trail all the way in to the Lake today.  With 3-4 feet of snow since the last sleds had been into Tony, the trail breaking was arduous.   We had to keep the sleds at full throttle the entire ride up the trail and we were still barely moving.  Once we hit the lake we traveled north but were unable to climb any significant hills without getting severely stuck (pic 2).  However, when you were not stuck, the riding was incredible (pic 3).

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