Observation: Eagle Point

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Tushers - Eagle Point
Moderate Snowfall
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On and off snow most of the day. 2" on my car at the base and more up high. Mostly light dendrites but some rimed snow later in the day. Some wind in the more exposed areas, transport picked up a bit later in the day.
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Generally very light powder and lots of it.  Some drifting in exposed areas.

Hard call on HST - 30" seems about right.

Red Flags
Red Flags
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Heavy snowfall during the night will take a bit of time to settle out. Some wind loading and drifting in exposed areas. Some soft localized cracking in drifted areas, less than expected. I was able to isolate the new snow in areas with slope angles <20 degrees. harder but sometimes possible on steeper slopes. All ECT's were ECTN, not enough of a slab in the new snow, I did not try this in many drifted areas. One weak shear (Q2) shear was observed in one location at the base of the new snow, I would expect that this would occur in other locations. I think that yesterdays prefrontal winds and warm weather might have helped degrade most of the surface hoar observed on Friday. The new snow was generally non-reactive while cutting slopes prior to opening this morning. One exception was a small 1' deep fracture on a rock rollover. Very minor. I was surprised by the general non-reactive nature of the new snow. Some minor sluffing on steeper rollovers.
Avalanche Problem #1
Storm Slab
Problem #1 Comments

Storm slab would be my 1st concern in the near future.

Considerable hazard on any slope steeper that 35 degrees as the new snow consolidates.  I would not be surprised to see indications of a natural cycle when things clear

Avalanche Problem #2
Wind Slab
Problem #2 Comments

Wind slabs in exposed areas would concern me over the next few days.  The wind was picking up a bit this afternoon.  note:  I did not travel in any wind exposed areas today.

Considerable hazard.


No snow profile today.  However, imagine 30" of new snow on my profile from 12/23 on Lake Peak.

While I did not see many strong indications of instability, I would call the hazard due to the amount of new snow.

Thank You Baby Jesus!

Happy Holidays!

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