Observation: Electric Lake

Observation Date
Observer Name
Darce Trotter / Steve Cote


Location Name or Route
Electric Lake Bowl
Weather Comments
cool morning, no wind, nor has there been much with all the snow still hanging in the trees, temps have been well below freezing since Thanksgiving storm, high temp was 22 today after overnight low of 7, nice
Snow Characteristics
Snow Surface Conditions
Snow Characteristics Comments

snow has settled out well, consists of just the last storm snow, may have a few flakes added yesterday, surface hoar growing, but pack is right side up, as has been found in other areas of the Plateau.  There is enough to ski in selected areas, but hardly enough to allow widespread machine travel, lots of down timber obstacles and hollow puff bushes, you could pick your way around, but not nearly deep enough for wild abandon riding or skiing.  

Red Flags
Red Flags Comments
no evidence of recent activity in the area we were in today, intentionally looked in sheltered areas that may have held some old snow, and while we did find faceted grains 2 to 3 mm, they were damp and packed well. that layer seems isolated to high north sheltered areas, and was 2" to 3" deep where we did find it. If the snow keeps coming and we get some depth, the monsters in the basement may sleep more soundly.
Avalanche Problem #1
Loose Dry Snow
Problem #1 Comments

weakening is occurring at the surface due to cold temps, we did not experience any sluffing today, but in very steep terrain no doubt is possible

Avalanche Problem #2
Storm Slab
Decreasing Danger
Problem #2 Comments

No much evidence in Electric Lake Area, but the Plateau is HUGE, and no doubt you could find stubborn old wind slabs if you looked hard enough

Snow Profile
Slope Angle

Much like Cowboy found earlier this week, we have a stable, but shallow snowpack at this point, it has settled out with depths ranging between 63 and 72 cm, has been gaining some strength, is right side up, but we did notice while skiing today, some very sheltered cold snow was punchier that others, and wonder if the strengthening overall has slowed, and cold clear nights are starting to weaken the entire pack slowly, not just the surface.  Ski penetration on the uptracks is about  8" - 10" or so, but skiing was remarkably good for an 24"-28" base.  We were more than comfortable center punching the Killywatt Bowl (ala Jean Claude), but were ever vigilant of stumps, rocks, and for that matter, anything that looked lumpy.  We were able to ski over a mid bowl rock band with a very light touch and only encountered a couple ground strikes in the process

I am no Trent M, but will work on my cinematography and  Craig G delivery, this explains the set up as we found today, hardly worth figuring out how to SnowPilot  snow at this point


Beautiful cold morning, hope the storms keep coming, we have a better start than we have had in a few years, but if we go high and dry with forecast colder weather on tap, I don't know if our skier compaction work today will be enough. 

Steve beats it into submission

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