Observation: Moab

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laurel highway
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Beautiful day out in the snow with temps right around freezing, sunny skies and calm winds. Now we just need a little more snow....
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Faceted Loose
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Went out for the first tour of the season today to see what our first real storm left us and see what has happened to the new snow over the past few days. We found 20cm of snow down by the winter trailhead and 45cm of snow at our turn around at the top of laurel meadows. The snow pack is still thin and their are plenty of hazards hiding just under the snow surface waiting to end your ski season. We found plenty of dry snow, pockets of thin wind slab out in the open and 1 cm surface facets lurking in sheltered shady areas. The skiing is still survival turns at best, but it feels good to get out and stretch the legs and do a pre season check of the equipment. Lets all hope for some new snow with this next disturbance and lets not forget about the facets that have been forming with our cold, calm nights.
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