Observation: American Fork

Observation Date
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Staples - Meisenheimer


Location Name or Route
American Fork - Silver Crk, Ant Knolls
Weather Comments
Very calm stable weather, sunny skies and warm in the basins.
Snow Characteristics
Snow Characteristics Comments

Out of the sun crusted aspects the riding and powder is as good as it gets. Still plenty of good riding. Surface hoar and some small facets were found on a variety of aspects but should be destroyed by a combination of wind, sun and possible rain at low elevations as this weekends storm comes.  

Red Flags
Red Flags
Recent Avalanches
Rapid Warming
Red Flags Comments
Recent avalanche activity is always the trumph card - even when you don't see other signs of instability remember that just yesterday we had an avalanche triggered to the ground. We made the choice to avoid avalanche terrain for the day.

Couldn't find any faceted layers in the middle of the snowpack on northerly facing slopes that would break in stability tests. Different story on southerly aspects where we got ECTP22 on facets below an ice crust about 2.5 feet deep.

The biggest problem on northerly aspects is on slopes that avalanched during the Solstice time period just before Christmas. Many slopes like this one on Ant Knolls Peak have very weak facets at the ground. It's getting harder to tell which slopes avalanche and which didn't during that cycle; therefore, its best to assume that any steep slope facing NW, N, NE and E avalanched. This slope did slide around the solstice and I wouldn't get anywhere near it. Despite lots of snowmobile tracks in the area, no one had touched it either.

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