Observation: Sand Rock Ridge

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Sand Rock Ridge- Pavant Range
Weather Comments
Clear and clam, a bit inverted but still cold at elevation.
Snow Characteristics
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Faceted Loose
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Faceted and loose on all aspects traveled today (6800 to 8300').  Surface hoar feathers to 1 cm.  Snow pack on most aspects is rotting to the ground.  The one exception is sheltered areas above 8000'.  These areas have a bit more structure, 4 finger as opposed to fist.  this is similar to what I saw this weekend in upper BCC.

HS @8200 is 16 to 20".  The Pine Creek snotel site is reporting 20".  3"new during the last storm a total of approx.  6" in the last week.  Big Flat in the Tushers is only report a HS of 13".

Was able to drive to 6800' could have gone a bit higher with chains.

Red Flags
Red Flags
Poor Snowpack Structure
Red Flags Comments
The poor snow structure is more of a red flag to come. Similar situation to the central Wasatch. I would imagine that it would be possible to trigger a shallow windslab in the exposed upper elevation areas of the Pavants.
Avalanche Problem #1
Normal Caution
Problem #1 Comments

Normal caution for shallow snowpack.  I would be leery of any upper elevation aspects with wind loading.

 Extra caution for large kitty cats, crossed a set of tracks as big as I have seen on the ski out, they were not there on the way in!

Snow Profile
Slope Angle

I was surprised by the lack of loose basal facets in the area of my snow profile.  i did see them in some other areas.  

Could have had the cover of facets magazine today if I had a partner and camera.

Trailbreaking is harder than it should be.

Apologies for the low tech profile, living the simple life down here in Fillmore.

Forecaster Note:  I have also found the basal facets to be damp near the ground during the limited travel I have done along the neighboring Skyline region.  Kobernik

Low danger is for areas traveled today.

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