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Observation: Silver Fork

Observation Date
Observer Name
T Diegel, P Diegel, Patterson
Salt Lake » Big Cottonwood Canyon » Silver Fork
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Silver Fork
Red Flags
Red Flags
Heavy Snowfall
Wind Loading
Yowza, what a storm! pretty much 48 hours of storming, with plenty of snow >2 feet?), wind, and temp variations (the latter in the right direction of rightside up). Yesterday I was in upper Silver Fork and it absolutely puked all morning, and with decent winds - mostly from the NW I was able to ski cut out a pretty decent 1.5 foot soft slab that raced down Hideaway Park,and it appeared that the frequent flier of the upper headwall of W bowl went too - naturally? Today we were in the Meadow Chutes area and got a coupla impressive whoomphs, but no cracking and no movement (pretty low angle) in that pretty wind-sheltered area. Seems like the old wet/spongy snow from the weekend had an okay bond to the new snow....to a point, which to me seemed to be a bit on the steeper side (the slab I cut was probably 40 degrees at the top). Not sure where the whoomphs were coming from; maybe mid-storm variations between graupel and regular flakes? Should settle out tonight - and maybe make for slightly less-arduous trail breaking. Seems like we are going to get a gradual warming trend, but even so once the sun starts blasting things could get interesting? As Bruce likes to say, snowpacks don't like rapid change....
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