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Blind Fork
Light Snowfall
Wind Speed
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Weather was everything you could think of, but nothing lasting more than 10 to 15 minutes. Total clouds to breaking clouds to greenhousing to full-on hard shadows and blue skies. All of this cycling repeatedly from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Sometimes graupel, sometimes small rounds, sometimes a few real snowflakes mixed in. Wind changing from moderate to still. At one point lower in the drainage wind was ripping in all directions, transporting snow up slope, down slope and cross-loading, all within 60 seconds, and cycling through again.
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Snowed up to about an inch of fresh, fast snow on top of a sometimes breakable crust. Visibility was limited and the wind was moving, so we headed for the trees. But the speed of the snow on top of sometimes breakable made for some spicy tree skiing. With a little effort it was easy to punch a pole 18 inches deep, but was easy to stay on top skinning. Guessing it would have been a day for machines to punch through repeatedly. But saw zero machines or trailers all day at any parking areas or out on the snow.
Saw no cracking or collapsing. Hit a few very small test slopes and found nothing reactive. Dug a hasty pit at 8,670' NW facing. Snow was bonding well and was very stubborn. When forced to fail the top 20 cm moved as a soft slab, breaking on small loose facets over a slight crust.
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