Observation: Main Porter

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Garrett the Parrot
Salt Lake » Mill Creek Canyon » Porter Fork » Main Porter
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In Between
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Red Flags
Wind Loading
Warm temperatures at the Porter Fork trailhead this morning. The snow was pretty wet/hadn't refrozen overnight up to about 7500-8000' while traveling up West Porter. Above about 8000' there was a small amount of wind transport by winds that had blown from the south overnight which filled in the skin track in spots. While traversing from West Porter to In Between we noticed a small wind crust (< 1") on top of the graupel on the N/NW face below the cliffs. I dug a quick hand pit at our transition point before dropping down In Between and did not find this crust present there. The snow profile was uniform down to 2 feet below the surface - didn't dig any farther down. Observed roller balls and wet loose avalanche debris on south facing slopes in West Porter and In Between due to the sun/heat from yesterday but those slopes were not showing any signs of instability in the morning as they had re-frozen overnight.
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