Observation: Lambs Canyon

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Salt Lake » Parleys Canyon » Lambs Canyon
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Lamb’s Canyon, Millvue Peak
Red Flags
Red Flags
Poor Snowpack Structure
Traveled from 6k-9000'
Broken sky, with light winds in the valley bottom, and moderate winds from the SW on the ridges. Well above freezing at the trail head. Snow surface ranged from damp, melt freeze, shallow powder, and breakable.
I was pleasantly surprised that the North half of the compass still held cold snow well down in lower elevations. No transport was witnessed today in the ridge line, as most of the snow in this location had melted in to a firm surface, or had previously been transported. Snow surface on the north half continues to weaken, and May take a few days to adjust to its new load. If the storm pans out.....
Still riding powder, just in select locations
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