Observation: Primrose Cirque

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Erik Fullmer
Provo » Provo Canyon » North Fork Provo R. » Primrose Cirque
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Primrose Cirque
Beautiful day in the mountains, surface hoar and near surface faceting aplenty. I'm submitting this obs to share photos from the natural avalanche cycle this week.
Photo 1: Robert's Horn. Approx. 10,000' NE aspect. Seems to have broken on the Jan. 4 PWL. This looked deep.
Photo 2: East face of Elk Point. Approx. 7500'. Avalanches in 3 separate zones from SE-E-NE aspects. I think these failed on the Feb. 14 PWL (Valentine's Day PWL). Impressive debris in the terrain trap.
Photo 3: North side of East Peak (Elk Point), just above Second Falls/Lower Killer Snow Hole. Just Approx. 8200' N aspect. Cracks along the cliffbands and small soft slab avalanche adjacent. Unsure of weak layer.
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