Observation: Iron Mine

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Staples, Gardiner, Berry, Nelson
Uintas » Iron Mine
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Iron Mine Mountain
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Cold morning that warmed quickly but stayed cool.
Red Flags
Red Flags
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We experienced two collapses on buried surface hoar and cracking.
I last found a layer of buried surface hoar on Feb 9th near Smith and Morehouse but wasn't sure if it was really a widespread issue. I was shocked to find in every pit I dug today on north facing slopes. We haven't gotten any reports of people triggering slides on this layer, but we did get two collapses on it which tells me that you could certainly trigger a slide. I don't trust it.
What was notable is that I found this layer on an open slope that normally receives a lot of wind.
All my extended column tests fractured and propagated a crack on this layer with anywhere from 14 to 26 taps.
The Uintas and northern Utah have some of the best snow in the country now. Get out, enjoy it, and be safe!
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