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Observation: Electric Lake

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Skyline » Huntington Canyon » Electric Lake
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Electric Lake area
Wind Speed
Weather Comments
Another bluebird day. Definite effect on south-facing, but north facing is holding up well.
Snow Characteristics
Snow Surface Conditions
Snow Characteristics Comments
South facing had a crust in the morning, got wet in the afternoon, and will certainly crust over again tonight. The north-facing was light and fun and easy for turns and hiking. BIG feathers on 8,600 foot north-facing in the morning.
Red Flags
Red Flags
Recent Avalanches
Red Flags Comments
While climbing at 9,500 feet up a south-facing aspen glade at 4 P.M., we experienced at least three whumphs. Felt and heard by more than one person. Earlier in the day spotted a slide on a NNE facing 9,550 foot 35+ degree slope that scoured to the ground. Unclear the trigger. Saw no tracks on it, but there were sled tracks much lower in the area. There was a sizable cornice so it could have been triggered by a cornice drop.
A few hasty pits on east-facing 9,350 foot 33 degree slope. Total depth 145 cm, a bit less than I would have expected. Nothing reactive, and when forced to slide, only the top 20 cm of storm snow moved, and with not much energy. Similar (non) results on the same aspect at 8,800 feet.
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