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Observation: Ogden

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Derek DeBruin
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With the latest snowfall, another observation seemed reasonable. The snowfall dusted as low as 7000-7500ft, but has remained well above trailheads. Even up high, the formerly bare south and west facing terrain still has plenty of vegetation and rock visible among the new snow. This can be seen in the below photos of Mount Ogden and Ben Lomond.
At the summits, there appears to be about 10" of snow based on weather stations, satellites and other telemetry, which fits with what's visible on the webcams. A map with a current snowpack overlay is also below. The Monte Cristo zone seems to be the winner for snowpack at the moment, with Hwy 39 closing on Wednesday night.
West side of Mount Ogden with spatial variability evident.
South face of Ben Lomond.
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