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Observation: Bald Mtn Pass

Observation Date
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Ted Scroggin
Uintas » Mirror Lake Highway » Bald Mtn Pass
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Mirror Lake Hwy-Bald Mt/Hayden Pass
Some early season photos from the Hayden and Bald Mt. areas today. It is much different from last year at this time when it was possible to get out and move around on enough snow to cover a few of the hazards. Right now the snow cover is basically too thin on shady slopes, to not any snow on the west and south facing slopes. The high elevation cold north facing terrain has about 6-8" of snow that has grown weak and sugary from snow that fell in October and a little this month.
The snow cover is generally not connected or continuous and any new now will be falling on mostly bare ground. There are a few places on protected shady north facing slopes that have a bit more snow from wind drifts and these could be a few very isolated locations where the avalanche hazard will be a concern when it snows.
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