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Observation: Mill D North

Observation Date
Observer Name
Michael B
Salt Lake » Big Cottonwood Canyon » Mill D North
Location Name or Route
Mill D North
Red Flags
Red Flags
Rapid Warming
I snowshoed above Dog Lake to just below Reynolds Peak on a spectacular spring day. The snow conditions ranged from damp to wet in the Aspen/pines to powdery in the pines just below Reynolds Peak.
I followed the heavily blown in skin tracks of two skiers to just below the monstrous cornice on Reynolds. The westerly winds gusted into the 40's with temps in the near freezing area. The winds moved a fair amount of snow and partially blew in my tracks as well. The chilly day locked in the slope quite effectively it appeared However, I still was wary of the snow conditions regardless of the apparently lessened avy risk.
As the pictures attest, Reynolds is covered in a huge cornice likely the largest since 2017.
On the eastern slopes of Reynolds snow rollers were quite prevalent. The slope was wisely totally void of any ski tracks. On my return to the TH, the snow above Dog Lake had become wet to sloppy. I recall thinking that the heat coming over this past weekend would make for some significant runoff problems. Indeed!
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