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Observation: Dry Fork

Observation Date
Observer Name
Norton, Tolley, and Chamberlain
Provo » Rock Canyon » Dry Fork
Location Name or Route
Crow’s Foot (Middle)
Climbed Middle Crow's Foot via Rock Canyon. Squaw Peak road at couloir entrance has been obliterated by a 200' wide, mile long, 20' deep slide path with multiple avalanches. Once we entered, we noted 75% of the couloir was either un-skiable avalanche debris or frozen avalanche bed surface. Great skiing if you are as Noah Kahan says: "into masochistic bulls***." Scattered pockets of wind blown snow were present, but none deeper than 6". Opted to climb out the top of the couloir and descend the next ridge to the east up Dry Fork. Skiing was variable, with 2-5" of powder on rock hard crust. No sun all day, which likely would have improved conditions considerably.
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