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Observation: Cascade Ridge

Observation Date
Observer Name
Dave Jarvis
Provo » Cascade Ridge
Location Name or Route
Squaw Peak Road / Cascade Peak West
Red Flags
Red Flags
Poor Snowpack Structure
Avalanche Problem #1
Persistent Weak Layer
Problem #1 Comments
The Marker pin on the map shows the fully melted level for Squaw Peak Road on Sunday
4/16/23. Above that there is a mix of snow and bare pavement up to Squaw Peak
As I crossed Cactus Ridge this morning I noticed that the upper levels of Cascade Peak had
a lot of refreeze ice-sheen. I noticed the same South on the Mount Nebo summits.
Most of the West side of Cascade had some sort of effect to the surface of the snow. Only
one of the bowls hasn't had a substantial slide starting high. Saturday might have warmed
enough to have a lot of rollers and other superficial activity. Even to the 10,000' + range.
The major Crown Fractures broke and slid on a very hard slab. There is still a lot of more
recent snow that could break at that junction. I'll be watching for signs that the basal slab
is warming enough to move, melt, or pinwheel.
Avalanche Problem #2
Normal Caution
Increasing Danger
Problem #2 Comments
I hiked up to Squaw Peak Overlook on Sunday partly to try to get a look at last weeks
debris piles at the base of Cascade Mountain. I climbed to the 7000' summit just south of the
Overlook. There was at least ten debris piles. The slide that happened late last Sunday is by
far the largest. The South debris pile is large enough to have crossed the road. I was still too low
to spot the road in that area. One of the Northern ones is fairly large. The debris on the
North one while smaller caught my attention because of a round circle on sloping grass nearby.
With the binocs I could just make out that the up slope appeared to have dropped, while the
lower edge of the circle rose. I assume it was a mud sluff, but round? Or a UFO landing site,
(shrug?) and me without my Triquarter..
Even though most of this area is no-mans-land, it was all impressive. I haven't found a
good view for all of the debris. May try Buffalo peak if I can get past the mess below
the Crows Foot.
The trail was mostly dry from Indian Road Trailhead. Coming up the ridge was mostly
firm in the morning, some punchy dropping out. Fading fast but I still crossed some areas with
a couple of feet of pack. below 7000'.
I did see some Glacier Lillies that had sprouted.
Middle of April & last Friday I crossed areas with 12' of snow just above 7000'. Get it while you can,
avoid it when ya must. In the meantime, Pray For Slow...
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