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Observation: Broads Fork

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Salt Lake » Big Cottonwood Canyon » Broads Fork
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Twin Peaks Wilderness
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Submitting a general observation of our tour today. Started early, things were frozen solid down low. We observed 2-3" of new snow in upper Tanners and Broads Fork. There was only light wind during our tour but we did note some minor wind transport and cross loading in the couple inches of new snow. These 2-4" wind slabs were sensitive in spots but not a huge hazard except in extreme terrain. It was good to have sharps with us today but the slide for life conditions were not as bad as expected.
Tanners is a mess of debris, no surprise there. Upper Broads Fork had glide avalanches on Blue Ice, the Diving Board and Bonkers all running out to the flats. There are still glide cracks in the area and those could let go any time. The snow on moderate pitch slopes on the shady aspects skied pretty well, shallow powder on smooth surfaces was the ticket today. I suspect other aspects might get into a corn cycle by tomorrow or Monday.
Generally low hazard today but pockets of Moderate with daytime heating and some very isolated shallow wind slabs above 10k.
Photos show off our deep snowpack on a beautiful day, some roller balls on east aspects off the SLC Twins and the new snow in Broads Fork.
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