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Observation: Red Pine Gulch

Observation Date
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Salt Lake » Little Cottonwood Canyon » Red Pine Gulch
Location Name or Route
Red pine/ Maybird
Bluebird start turned to cloudy and light snow, killing any hopes and dreams of south facing corn. no wind. snow was frozen solid on all aspects traveled up to about 11k. Bottomless concrete most everywhere, above 10300' or so on the straight north was more like a few inches of crust above dry snow, easy to break through for a secure bootpack. Maybe a half inch of new snow on top
Just about everything >35degrees on east-south-west had wet slid and is a mess, the high north and low angles looked mostly smooth for corn harvesting
biggest hazard today would have been taking a slide on the frozen surface, wouldn't hurt to have spiky things on the steep stuff tomorrow
1- top of red pine ridge access, little bit of room between the cornices for a safe entry
2- runnels on some west facing in Maybird, most low angle open slopes had this same texture
3- LCC carnage
4- plenty of season left for alpine access
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