Observation: Days Fork

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Brent Bourgeois
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Days Fork
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Red Flags
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Noticed lots of cracking in the new snow today on our way into Greens Basin and Short Swing. While breaking trail towards Greens we noticed shooting cracks with almost every step we took and got a shooting crack about 25' wide on a convex roll, as seen by the picture below (7,800' West Aspect). This was breaking about 8" deep and while it didnt slide due to the slope angle, it had the energy needed to avalanche if we tipped the slope angle up.
Also, toured into Short Swing where we noticed strong winds from the west on the ridgeline and again lots of craking in the snow pack. Lots of red flags throughout the morning, with many naturals seen along the road in BCC.
Snow was riding excellent on low low angle slopes.
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