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Salt Lake » Park City Ridgeline » Monitors
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USA Bowl - Monitors
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E/NE winds, although no wind-drifting occurring.
Snow Characteristics
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Wind Crust
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~30 cms of settled storm snow outside of wind-affected terrain. Plenty of wind-affected snow on all aspects above 9,000'. Some solar aspects were damp when we were exiting at 2 pm and will be crusted on Friday morning.
Red Flags
Red Flags
Recent Avalanches
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Numerous avalanches were reported Wednesday, overnight into Thursday, and during the day today. Recent avalanches are the reddest of the red flags!
Avalanche Problem #1
Wind Drifted Snow
Decreasing Danger
Problem #1 Comments
Over the past 36 hours, winds on Hidden Peak at 11,000'
3/15 0600 (6 am) S (gusting to 60 mph)
3/15 1200 (noon) W/NW (gusting upper 30's mph)
3/16 0200 (2 am) N (gusting to upper 20's mph)
3/16 1300 (1 pm) NE (gusting to 30 mph)
This period of sustained moderate to strong winds from every cardinal direction has left widespread wind-drifted snow at the mid and upper elevations.
One pit today on a West aspect at 9,600' had a 15 cm 1F-hard wind slab where the extended column failed upon isolation (ECTPV), failing on softer snow underneath the wind drift. We also saw evidence of what appears to be a natural avalanche from a cornice fall in South Monitor (photo below). Given the widespread natural avalanche cycle on Wednesday and overnight into Thursday morning as well as skier-triggered avalanches on Thursday are plenty of evidence these recent wind drifts are still sensitive and will need more time to stabilize.
Travel today was USA Bowl along the PC ridgeline and down the lower-angled "West Monitor Sneak". Cold temperatures have locked up low-elevation snow which was saturated from Wednesday's rain. Outside of wind-afffected terrain, the danger is moving to Moderate, but there has been enough avalanche activity in wind-drifted terrain to keep that at Considerable.
Photo of likely natural avalanche in South Monitor.
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