Observation: Aspen Grove

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Coyne, Whitney
Provo » Provo Canyon » North Fork Provo R. » Aspen Grove
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Aspen Grove
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Clear skies and a shift in wind direction today made for transport off the SW slopes and loading nearly Elk Points NE headwall. Noted a bunch of spindrift up high 9k plus, often times trickling over the steep limestone cliff bands facing North.
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Red Flags
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Rapid Warming
Whitney and I wandered a short distance up from the Aspen Grove Trailhead prior to a Trailhead Activation Event (conditions reporting and transceiver practice). We spotted a loose wet avalanche that likely ran during yesterdays warming that just barely kissed the snowshoe track leading up to Primrose Falls. We noted low elevation southernly exposed slopes were again taking heat. We dug at 7,100ft SE Facing slope around 11am. The top 3" were saturated resting atop small grained sugary facets. We performed a CT, Shovel Tilt, and Shovel Shear all with no results, but expected this. Needless to say, we saw a wet loose avalanche peel off on SE about 2p with more heating. Appeared D2 in size. North facing terrain skied well, but only because it was faceting due to the shade and recent cold temps. Southerly aspects took quite a bit of heat today and should stay locked up with the cloud cover in the forecast. If the Sun/Mon storm produces some precip, I would suspect poor stability on N Facing terrain.
Photo 1: Loose Wet likely from 2/2/23 kissing the hiking trail
Photo 2: Snapped limb in S facing debris from last months cycle
Photo 3: Snow plastered and flagged tree on N facing from last months cycle
Photo 4: Trees don't grow like this in undisturbed enviroments
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