Observation: Cold Fusion

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Johnson, Roe, Burdsall, Mead, Odell
Provo » Timpanogos » Cold Fusion
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Cold Fusion
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Red Flags
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We were one of three groups that were headed up Cold Fusion on Saturday. We passed a group of 4 that were digging a pit towards the bottom of the line and finding results on their CT about 20cm down but no propagation on their ECT. About halfway up the line there was a group of 5 turning around after remotely triggering a wind slab on the ridge line and seeing shooting cracks start to emerge in the snow around them. With these two observations from other groups, we decided to go up a little further and dig a pit before we made our final decision of entering the avalanche path and booting up to the top. In an open part of the skiers left side of the chute about 2/3 the way up at 10,400' we dug a pit and got ECTP 14 about 30cm down on a wind slab. With how sensitive this wind slab was, the consequence of even a small wind slab breaking off and carrying one of us down Cold Fusion, and the fact that this problem would likely be more prolific in the meat of the line, we pulled the plug on skiing cold fusion and got some amazing turns in more sheltered terrain on the North side of Timp. After transitioning to downhill and working our way skiers left of Cold Fusion, a member of our party pulled off a 18" deep wind slab about 30' wide by way of a ski cut. Pulling off that wind slab solidified our decision that turning around was the right call and we would save Cold Fusion for another day.
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