Observation: Cold Fusion

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Victoria Garvin
Provo » Timpanogos » Cold Fusion
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Timpanogos - Cold Fusion
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Red Flags
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Avalanche Problem #1
Wind Drifted Snow
Problem #1 Comments
Around 9,500 I dug a pit and noted a wind slab 20cm down. Compression tests showed CT12(SP)@20cm and CT23(SP)@70cm. ECTX (no propagation). We kept heading up to 10,500 where another group was digging a pit. They told us they had similar results with propagation. The wind slab was activity sliding with ski cuts at this point.
There were several large groups attempting this line today. The group of 5 ahead of us turned around before we got a chance to talk to them. The next group that we ran into at 10,500ft turned around after seeing propagation, and we did as well. To my knowledge, no one out there deemed it safe to continue past 10,500ft over consequential terrain. Still great skiing to be had on the skiers left through the trees, that seemed more protected from the wind effects. While the wind slabs were small in depth, I assumed they would continue to get deeper going up. Additionally, I was concerned with the result I found in my compression test 70cm down. A small wind slab could trigger an instability further down.
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