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Observation: Woolley Hole

Observation Date
Observer Name
Sorensen, Phillips
Provo » American Fork » Timpooneke » Woolley Hole
Location Name or Route
Wooly’s Hole
Avalanche Problem #1
Wind Drifted Snow
Problem #1 Comments
Isolated pockets of wind loading.
Conditions were excellent, no wind even at 9,500 feet on the ridge divide between Wooly Hole and the Bear canyon drainage. Remarkable to look up at Timp and not see blowing plumes off the top ridges. We observed fingernail-sized hoar flakes on all sheltered aspects, all elevations. At times it looked like translucent corn flakes far and wide. It was everywhere there was shade. Ski pole and armpit tests showed nothing of concern. Old rain crust 8" down up to about 7,500 feet. It was good riding on all protected aspects. There is mild to moderate sun damage on the east facing slopes in Woolys. There appeared to be pillow wind loading further south in Woolys underneath Grunge, so we didn't venture that far in. There is not enough snow in the head of Timpanooke to avoid extensive bush whacking. Riding should remain good on sheltered aspects until the hoar flakes get buried by the next storm.
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