Observation: Currant Creek Peak NE

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Uintas » Currant Creek Peak NE
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Currant Creek Peak
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Red Flags
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I skied the E. Side of Currant Creek Peak today. A pit to the ground at around 10,400' showed a dense wind slab well bonded to uniform snow to the ground with no discernible weak layer. I did not observe any facets at the ground. Snow depth was roughly 40". Twenty five taps on an ECT barely dislodged a small piece of the slab 6" thick. Shovel shear was hard. In the top 100' or so turns were on this windslab. I observed no signs of weakness while skiing this section. I then skied a faint rib where the snow gradually softened and I observed some small natural debris from old cornice collapse. The bottom 500' was excellent dry powder.
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