Observation: Gold Hill

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Ted Scroggin
Uintas » Gold Hill
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Gold Hill
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Still quite cold for November with single digits in the morning, but warming up into the mid twenties. It feels more like a January stretch of weather and thankfully the sun comes out to make for some really nice sunny days. I found generally calm winds along the Gold Hill Ridgeline while I was out this afternoon.
Snow Characteristics
Snow Surface Conditions
Faceted Loose
Wind Crust
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The snow conditions are holding up quite well, despite only around a foot to two feet of snow depending on where you dig and look around. There is soft snow on most aspects, with the surface getting weak and faceted with this stretch of cold clear weather.
Red Flags
Red Flags Comments
I did not check any red flags today, but thinking the snowpack structure might start to be a concern without a change in the weather soon. I was not really find much in the way of a slab where I travelled, but with a somewhat shallow snowpack and cold temps some sugary snow might begin to develop in the snowpack. This is just my simple take on things.
Avalanche Problem #1
Normal Caution
Problem #1 Comments
I went with normal caution, but I was finding some old wind slabby snow that would crack with my weight on it. Along those higher exposed ridge lines maybe an isolated wind slab, but there is more hazard from rocks and trees in the shallow snow cover.
The snow conditions in Gold Hill are enough to move around on sleds although there are lots of rocks and trees to watch out for. I was staying mostly on the summer roads and trails, but I did get off and enjoy the good early season cold soft snow, but I took it pretty easy.
A couple snow pits from Gold Hill Basin with the first photo of a northeast facing slope above 10,000' with about 20" of snow and the second photo is a southeast facing slope a little lower in elevation and slightly less snow. I was not finding any real red flags in the snowpack today and I could locate a few layers from past storms and wind events, but there was no real slab where I dug.
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