Observation: Moab

Observation Date
Observer Name
Chris Benson
Location Name or Route
Haystack Glades SE/NW
SE aspects seem pretty darn consolidated. Mid day, they even skied well as any crusts on lower-angle slopes were soft. Snow temps were on the warm side, with the biggest gradients near the surface. Something to keep an eye on as the current high pressure will probably weaken the snow and be a problem when it "dumps" in Feb.
On NW facing terrain; snow quality was good with ~10 cm of ski pen and overall supportive conditions. No cracking or collapsing, even in areas of relatively shallow snow. Skied slopes up to 30 degrees. Probing suggested some faceted snow on NW aspects, but surprisingly the pack felt pretty consistent.
Not ready to jump on steep, wind-loaded northerly aspects, but more information could suggest that some pieces of terrain could be reasonable. The photo shows the NW aspect near Haystack which has some good skiing without too much exposure.
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