Observation: Meadows

Observation Date
Observer Name
Jim M
Salt Lake
Location Name or Route
Silver Fork (Meadows)
Partner and I went up Silver Fork to ski upper Meadows. Snow is still lean on sunny aspects. Pretty much this last storm's snow only, especially down low. Anything with north in it has old snow. Dug a few hasty hand pits where old snow was (hasty photo too...sorry) and found pretty much the same in all areas with a northerly aspect. Couple of photos of where I dug at the bottom of El Rollo, I found about 7" of new fluff on top of a 2" thick stout melt/freeze crust. Some facets on top of the crust and about 5" of facets under it to the ground. The very supportable crust made for good skiing as it kept you off the ground. Noticed no issues with new/old snow interface while skiing. No sloughing, even on our steepest slope. (El Rollo) I also included a photo of our walk in down low. This was the better part of the in. It got more "interesting" in places. Ski ballet skills could be an advantage on the out.
It would take a big load to collapse that crust, although with high pressure moving in, I imagine it'll break down. Could definitely become problematic by the next storm.
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