Observation: Patsy Marly

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Salt Lake
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Patsy Marley
Was out the past two days and noticed today, with more load and super dense snow, that things were getting pretty touchy. I was out testing boots and walking around North Patsy trees, and figured to dig down and see what was going on since I was getting collapses in certain locations.
Pit was NW on a 25 degree slope at 10,100. The interfaces were easily apparent upon digging down - see photo. I had a CT11 and CT12 both SP Q1. The CT 11 broke on the top interface line about 30cm below the surface, and the CT12 broke at the second line of weak interace. 
Extended Column Test was ECT N 11. It broke, but didn't propogate across the whole column - see photo.
The dense snow goes from Fist to 4F to 1F, and then back to 4F/Fist. And I would bet that if I was on a windloaded slope today a slab would propogate and rip out, and likely entrain some underlying wet snow as well. From looking at the other obs, it looks like that happened in Main Days - glad everyone was ok.
Considerable seemed spot on today. If things cool off tonight with low wind it may briefly start out as Moderate tomorrow, but with heat and sun it will be back to Considerable in no time.
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