Observation: Mill D North

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Salt Lake
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Mill D North
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Wind Drifted Snow
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A small windslab looked to have naturaled not short ways down from the ridgeline on the slope looker's right of the Reynolds East Face. (Sorry, no pic.)
Travel today was a dusk-patrol run from Reynolds to Tom's Hill to try to get a taste of the recent storm snow before the building high pressure ridge to our west sets up shop and starts baking the pack. Winds light, gusting near moderate out of WNW. Around 4:30p, the sun was glaring through scattered clouds and a bit of lingering snow, and while the snow surface was increasingly sticky during the climb, I didn't see any loose wet activity, even on Grand Central, which was getting blasted. Obvious signs of nasty wind scour -- rippled, wavy snow -- all over the south-facing slopes on the western ridgeline down from Little Water. I put my money on the fact that eastern to northern slopes would have avoided most of the day's sun exposure, and the bet paid off. They still held just over a meter of champagne powder. No bottom-feeding. Storm snow seemed to have settled nicely today. Some light, sluffing, nothing too concering. South facing slopes were a sticky, crusty mess, and with warm weather on the way, they'll only get worse. Suspect wet activity will kick into high gear these next few days. Tomorrow morning could well be the last best chance for some powder runs until late next week at the earliest.
Much love to whoever broke trail up Reynolds Gulch today!
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