Observation: Hogum

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Salt Lake
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Hogum Fork
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Beautiful day to be in the Alpine. Light winds with cat and mouse sun.
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The March sun was strong today - As we left White Pine it was cold and crisp.  However, by the time we hit Maybird the sun exposed terrain was already taking on heat and the snow surface was becoming damp.  The upper elevation north facing slopes or terrain that was shaded by the trees remained 5 star powder. 
Red Flags
Red Flags
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Rapid Warming
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I did see one natural slide that likely occurred within the past 24-48 hrs ( see picture one). Wind was drifting the slightest bit of snow off the highest ridges in the drainage. It was not a concern.
Avalanche Problem #1
Wind Drifted Snow
Problem #1 Comments
After traveling in the alpine today I wouldn't rule out the isolated chance of triggering a small storm/wind slab in the steepest terrain. 
I would say it's still possible to trigger a lingering wind slab in steep alpine terrain.  There were many spots that we decided to avoid in our travels today.  Anywhere the snow was deep and windblown we decided to work around those areas.  Picture one is very representative of a slab that likely failed in graupel pooling in the lower angled terrain (Mark White's observation showed this as well).  This is tricky, because as we ski the steeper line above we are left with the (less dangerous) lower ramp where it could be possible to trigger a slide on graupel.
My biggest concern was areas that the wind transported the snow across the steeper faces.  It was easy to identify and avoid.  Committing, upper elevation terrain still has issues with the chance of triggering an isolated wind slab.         
I stopped and took this photo of the tree because I am blown away with what a life this tree must have.  It's survived many years of large avalanches and is still standing tall... 
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