Observation: Wolverine Cirque

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Salt Lake
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Nice Day!  I was above 10,000 north for most the tour 920-2pm.  
Transport--just a trace in the gust round 10-11.
Heat-no heating, bit of road minicreek by solitude , still snow in trees in shade low in canyon. Patchy clouds n light wind.
I did 2 ect test both @10000'. First pic is Norths 2nd pic east.  Ectn  Niether propagated. No depth hoar in either. 
North pit. 125 to145 cm deep.  The shallower side had a rock, no depth hoar by rock.  The recently buried surface facet layer was present. North pit cracked under shovel , but did not propagate further than shovel then just mushed down.
East pit was 120 cm deep.    the recently buried surface facets we're more noticeable. 
Both pits took a bit of prying w shovel to get lower facets to break.
Overall pleasantly suprised w what I saw in these high deep snowpack pits, m curious what others see.
Snow wise, lots  lots of wind damage. Still Some creamy goodness still to be had in shelterd places! Wind board rode fine on snowboard but not ideal, guessing worse on skis. Some wind board was too thick to penetrate. Aspect doesn't fix wind damage issue much, or at least I couldn't figure it out.
Got cracking in fresh windslabs yesterday, but none today.
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