Observation: Brighton Perimeter

Observation Date
Observer Name
Andrew McLean
Salt Lake
Location Name or Route
Upper Big Cottonwood Canyon
Red Flags
Red Flags
Avalanche Problem #1
New Snow
Increasing Danger
Problem #1 Comments
Upper Big Cottonwood Canyon received a surprising amount of new snow overnight.  While the Summit Park area outside of Park City got a trace, upper BCC had 10-12" of new - enough to fill in skin and ski tracks from yesterday.  It was very light density snow and it was still coming down hard at 3:00pm.  
From a pit dug at 10,000' on an east facing slope, there was 114 of base and no sign of the rotten facets on the ground.  The snow was well bonded and fist penetration all the way down, tightening up a bit at the bottom.
An ECT test at 10,000' on an east facing 28 degree slope produced a 30/nil result.  We felt one collapse along a ridgeline, but did not see any natural avalanches or cracking.  There was very little wind and the temperatures remained cold (teens) all day.  On a steeper test slope, I was able to break loose a pocket of the new snow, but it was more of a sluff than a clean fracture. Due to the amount of new snow, I think the danger was considerable and likely to remain that way as long as the cloud cover prevails.  With warming temperatures and/or a clear day, I would expect easterly aspects to stabilize rapidly.
The skiing seems good on all upper aspects with no real reason to push steeper north facing slopes.  
Today's Observed Danger Rating
Tomorrows Estimated Danger Rating

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