Level 1

Provided by American Avalanche Institute
Salt Lake
Thursday, December 13, 2018
December 13-16, 2018, 6- 9 pm, December 13 & 14 8 am - 5 pm, December 15 & 16 at Hilton Garden Inn, Salt Lake City and Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The Level 1 will cover the basics of avalanche hazard awareness and stability assessment. Forty percent of the course is classroom based and the other sixty percent is field based. We will travel in the backcountry, in and around avalanche terrain.

This course focuses on the following:

•       Recognizing avalanche terrain

•       Travel procedures in avalanche terrain

•       Avalanche transceiver use and rescue skills

•       Reading and interpreting the avalanche hazard forecast bulletin

•       Understanding the basics of mountain snowpack formation

•       Field observations of snowpack, weather, and terrain

•       Use and interpretation of snowpack stability tests

•       Using the avalanche forecast and pertinent observations in an effective decision-making framework

•       Learning how human factors, or biases, can influence decision-making

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