Observation: Park City Ridgeline

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mark white


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PC Ridgeline
Light Snowfall
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Overcast skies with a dropping cloud deck in the afternoon, moderately strong winds out of the SW on the ridge line not to bad down lower.
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Dense Loose
Wind Crust
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Rain-Rime Crust
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Rain snow line was around 9,000ft in the am and the surface of the snow was damp up to 8500ft, not much precipitation today, a few flurries not adding up to much. Wind crust in most wind exposed terrain, dense loose powder on protected N, still a touch of the rime crust out there but its dissolving rapidly, melt-freeze crust on all S facing slopes and all lower elevation aspects except where it was damp.

Red Flags
Red Flags
Poor Snowpack Structure

After a week of wind and warm temperatures, on top of last weekends rime event and old tracks everywhere its hard to find any consistent skiing. The only places I found with good skiing are wind protected N facing aspects without old tracks which is a difficult commodity to come by at this point in time. Most of the exposed terrain on the PC Ridgeline is wind damaged and without cold clear nights to break things down old tracks remain hard, and breakable wind crust is the flavor of the day. No cracking or collapsing was noted today and the possibility of triggering a avalanche have decreased but the snow pack structure remains poor on the N end of the compass and it seems if we ever get more weight these weak layers will be reactivated and become suspect again. Seems like we are basically in a holding pattern right now, more time is needed to heal the snow pack and with no real storms in the forecast things will remain stagnant.

Photos: Damp snow at 8500ft, dropping cloud deck in the PM, dense and creamy snow on N facing wind protected terrain

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