Information for the Southwest Area Mountains

Mark Staples
Issued by Mark Staples on
Sunday morning, February 4, 2024
Weather and Snow
We do not produce regular avalanche forecasts for the Southwest region of our state; however, we collect and publish observations from the area.
View the full list of observations HERE. Submit an observation HERE.

Here are some useful links to SNOTEL sites.
Pavani Range: Bobs Hollow Site (9319 ft)
Tushar Range: Big Flat Site (10,349 ft)
Sevier Plateau: Farnsworth Lake Site (9623 ft)
Brianhead area: Brianhead Site (10,039 ft)
To view all SNOTEL sites, use this MAP.
Additional Information
Chart of snow depth from Big Flat SNOTEL in the Tushar Range
Chart of snow depth from the Brianhead SNOTEL near the Brianhead Ski Area