Forecast for the Skyline Area Mountains

Issued by Brett Kobernik for Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 6:54am
The majority of the terrain along the Skyline has a LOW avalanche danger today. There is still a "pockety" MODERATE danger in the highest terrain on northwest through east facing steep slopes. As time goes on, chances for triggering an avalanche become less.
  1. Wind drifted snow from last Wednesday's windy storm may still be sensitive to a person along the more east facing ridgelines.
  2. There is still a slight chance that a person could trigger an avalanche breaking into old sugar snow near the ground on the higher northwest, north and northeast facing slopes.
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Weather and Snow
A minor weather disturbance that moved through on Monday cooled temperatures a bit and bumped up wind speeds slightly and brought a trace of snow. It looks like we'll see mild weather through the rest of the week with a few periods of clouds and occasional small weather disturbances. I'm not seeing any significant snow during this period. A slightly better looking storm is still being advertised for about Christmas time.

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