Forecast for the Ogden Area Mountains

Drew Hardesty
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Friday, April 8, 2022
An overall LOW avalanche danger this morning will rise to MODERATE for wet loose avalanches on all but true north aspects today.
Remember that risk is inherent in mountain travel and even a small avalanche can lead to a bad outcome in radical terrain.
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Special Announcements
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Weather and Snow
Skies are clear.
Mountain temperatures are in the mid-to upper 30s. Some of the mid-elevation weather stations are in the low 40s.
Winds are light from the northeast.
For today, we'll have sunny skies with high cirrus filtering through overhead by the afternoon. Winds will start to back to the southwest and blow 15mph with gusts to 20. Temperatures will be sweltering by the afternoon and early evening with base temps pushing into the upper 50s as alpine temps reach the mid-40s.
Corn skiing and riding is excellent, although the window will close earlier today than yesterday. Coverage is getting thin with many solar aspects burned off completely. Monte Cristo seems to have the most snow with 50" on the stake.

A largely dry cold front pushes through in the wee hours overnight, dropping mountain temperatures back into the single digits this weekend. We'll see 25-30mph winds from the southwest tonight into tomorrow before veering to the northwest Saturday night. Ridgetop winds continue to blow 20-25mph on Sunday. The weather models continue to point towards a return to winter next week.
Recent Avalanches

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Avalanche Problem #1
Wet Snow
All aspects but true north will become damp to wet and unstable with direct sun and scorching temperatures. Wet loose avalanches will be easy to trigger. They will be shallow and slow moving, but problematic in confined terrain. Choose timing and terran carefully. Rollerballs, pinwheels, natural sluffs, and punchy snow are signs to head to a cooler aspect or back to the car. (To be sure, many solar aspects have burned off to dirt, but many have not.)
  • Cornice fall is always possible this time of year.
General Announcements
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This information does not apply to developed ski areas or highways where avalanche control is normally done. This forecast is from the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, which is solely responsible for its content. This forecast describes general avalanche conditions and local variations always occur.