Forecast for the Moab Area Mountains

Issued by Eric Trenbeath for Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 7:53am
Weather and Snow
An incredible amount of early season snow has fallen in the La Sal Mountains since the weekend of Oct. 6,7. Above 10,000' a foot or more of snow is on the ground. Above 11,000' expect to find 18" with possible areas of drifted snow up to 2' deep. This brings us into the realm of potential avalanche danger and backcountry travelers - whether hikers, hunters, or dare I say it, skiers, snowboarders or snowmobilers need to have their avalanche eyes on. Avoid steep, wind drifted slopes, especially in areas above treeline, and carry your avalanche rescue gear - beacon, probe and shovel.
Though we have a lot of snow for this time of year, low snow conditions are in effect with all of the associated hazards such as barely covered deadfall, rocks, and stumps. Temper your enthusiasm out there, and be glad we are finally getting some moisture!
Snow totals at the Geyser Pass Trailhead, (9600')
Wind, temperature, and humidity on Pre Laurel Peak (11,700')
National Weather Service point forecast.

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