Educational Videos

Videos are an easy way to see demonstrations of techniques from snow pits to transceiver searches to shoveling. You can learn and refine your skills by watching these great videos.
Where to Dig a Snowpit
There are a few considerations on where you should dig a snowpit. Knowing and understanding these will improve the information you get from your pit.
How to Stay Safe in Avalanche Terrain
An excellent video from our friends at the Sierra Avalanche Center. This video shows step-by-step how to plan and execute a day of riding safely in avalanche terrain.
Ingredients for a Slab Avalanche
What are the ingredients for a slab avalanche and how do they form? Knowing this information and being able to recognize these conditions in the backcountry is a crucial skill for keeping backcountry travelers safe.
How to Measure Slope Steepness
Knowing how to measure slope steepness is a crucial skill for safe backcountry travel. In this video, we explain a few ways you can measure slope steepness.
How to do an Extended Column Test
An Extended Column Test (ECT) is a quick and easy way to test fracture initiation and propagation. Performing a proper ECT will increase the information you get from your snow pits.
How to do a Shovel Tilt Test
The Shovel Tilt Test is a great way to identify weak layers in soft snow. If you think you may have a weak layer like buried surface hoar, this is a great test to use to try to identify it.
How To: Technical Snowpit and Stability Test Analysis
Doug Chabot of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center shows how to do a more in depth analysis of a snowpit.
Anatomy of a UAC Field Day
Have you ever wondered what a UAC Forecaster does on their field days? What information are they looking for as they travel? What information do they collect prior to creating a daily forecast?
Deep Slab Instability Tutorial
Deep Slab Instability can be very confusing. This video will help you understand the dangers of weak layers deep in the snowpack.
Surviving an Avalanche
In the classic video retired UAC Forecaster Tom Kimbrough describes How to Survive an Avalanche.