Level 1

Provided by American Avalanche Institute
Salt Lake
Friday, December 9, 2022
Rec. Level 1 Course, Friday, December 9 - Sunday, December 11, 2022 An intro evening Zoom meeting (Dec. 9), two full field days (Dec. 10-11) plus self-paced online curriculum. This course will cover the basics of avalanche hazard awareness, terrain and stability assessment.
The Level 1 will cover the basics of avalanche hazard awareness and stability assessment. There will be an intro evening online meeting, 2 full field days, and a self-paced online curriculum with support. During the field session, we will travel in the backcountry, in and around avalanche terrain.
This course focuses on the following:
• Recognizing avalanche terrain
• Travel procedures in avalanche terrain
• Avalanche transceiver use and rescue skills
• Reading and interpreting the avalanche hazard forecast bulletin
• Understanding the basics of mountain snowpack formation
• Field observations of snowpack, weather, and terrain
• Use and interpretation of snowpack stability tests
• Using the avalanche forecast and pertinent observations in an effective decision-making framework
• Learning how human factors, or biases, can influence decision-making
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