Level 1

Provided by Prival
Salt Lake
Saturday, December 3, 2022
AIARE 1 (level 1 by Prival)
+ The PRIVAL - AIARE 1 is a three-day / 24-hour introduction to avalanche hazard management.
Students can expect to develop a good grounding in how to prepare for and carry out a backcountry trip, to understand basic decision making while in the field, and to learn rescue techniques required to find and dig up a buried person (if an avalanche occurs and someone in the party is caught).
Dates: December 3-5, 2022
Student learning outcomes
At the end of the AIARE 1 course the student should be able to:
  • Develop a plan for travel in avalanche terrain.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify avalanche terrain.
  • Effectively use the AIARE Decision Making Framework to make terrain choices in a group setting
  • Demonstrate effective companion rescue.
Who Should Take this Course
The AIARE 1 is for anyone, regardless of method of travel, who wants to recreate in or near avalanche terrain. Participants may have attended some awareness classes or workshops or completed the Avalanche Rescue course, but none are a prerequisite for this course.
Aspiring professionals will need to take the AIARE 1 and Avalanche Rescue as a prerequisite for the Pro 1 course.
Students must be able to travel in avalanche terrain and bring appropriate equipment for traveling on snow to class. There are no other prerequisites. Although we suggest a companion rescue course prior to Level 1 to become proficient in beacon, probe and shovel skills so you can focus on the other curriculum in this course.