Level 1 Refresher

Provided by Utah Mountain Adventures
Salt Lake
Sunday, December 4, 2022
UMA's Level 1 Refresher is a single-day, field-based review of key Level 1 concepts and skills. Given that Avi 1 is such an intense, 24-hour download of information, it's wise to brush-up annually! Cost: $219 plus tax
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This compact course is well worth the cost and time. Focus is on information-gathering, appropriate terrain selection, and effective decision-making for Level 1 graduates.
Broadly experienced UMA guides share with students the practical tools they actually use to make consequential up and downhill route-finding decisions efficiently.
Learning Outcomes:
-Review of the types of Avalanche Problems and how to treat them
-Understanding scale of terrain; paths & specific features; mapping snow cover
-Relating current structure and layering in the snowpack to realistic tour planning
-Review of snow surface changes, metamorphism and formation of Persistent Weak Layers (facets, depth hoar, surface hoar)
-Understanding and correct use of most current snowpit practices: hardness, shears, tests (CT, ECT, PST, DTT)
-Effective interpretation of test results (strength, structure, propagation; red lights, lemons)
-Prioritizing snowpack tests and observations based on current snowpack issues
-Applying tests, terrain selection & decision-making skills to current avalanche problems
-Use of safe travel protocols & communication to mitigate human factor risks (group size, diversity & goals)
-Awareness of best backcountry practices in up and downhill travel & etiquette
2022-23 Dates
Sunday, Dec 4, 2022 Friday, Dec 30, 2022 Saturday, Jan 14, 2023 Saturday, Feb 18, 2023
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Cost: $219, plus tax
phone: 801-550-3986