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Motorized Level 1

Provided by Backcountry Institute
Salt Lake
Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Motorized Avalanche Level 1 Classroom Discussion
The Motorized AST Level 1 course taught by Backcountry Institute follows the guidelines set forth by the American Avalanche Association (AAA)
This course is meant for aspiring Backcountry motorized enthusiasts and their riding companions.
The Motorized Level 1 is a 24 hour course with a minimum of 18 hours on the snow.
In this course you will learn, but are not limited too:
1) To apply the current avalanche bulletin in tour planing and throughout your travel day on the snow.
2) Recognize Avalanche Terrain and understand safe motorized travel protocols
3) Interpret Snow conditions and weather on different aspects and elevations in relation to slope stability
4) Apply Simple Decision Tools in Avalanche Terrain
5) Conduct a mock companion rescue/recovery and understand basic group dynamics and management

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