Vertfest Clinic: Action Sports Cinematography

The Utah Avalanche Center, Vertfest, and Osprey are teaming up to present a clinic focused on Action Cinematography.  Join osprey athlete, mountaineer and filmmaker Ben Clark for a clinic on action sports cinematography and how to "get the shot" on the run. Clark, director and cinematographer of The Alaskan Way, 3 Ski The Himalayas films, and Everest: the Other Side will show you modern techniques to capture high action sports with the minimal gear for outdoor shooting and multiple angles. In addition to filming the unfolding drama of Sunday's visually stirring technical ski race, participants will learn the fundamentals of telling the story as the class learns to conduct interviews on the slope and to find the audio that captures the moment!    For more information on the whole Vertfest event, go here.


Vertfest 9:00 am March 9 at Brighton

This is a great opportunity to spend some time upping your cinematography skills with an accomplished alpinist and cinematographer


Ben Clark will lead a group of 6 into the field to share techniques and skills.  The Wasatch Powderkeg technical teams race will provide dramatic subject matter and world class athletes to serve as a subject.  Special prizes will be available to clinic participants who share video footage of the event that can be used for recording the event history and promoting future events.


Requirements & Logistics

A one-ride lift pass will be provided to get you up the hill quickly.  You will need skis or a splitboard and skins capable of uphill travel, plus a beacon, probe, and shovel.  You must have the fitness and skiing ability to climb and descend in steep, ungroomed terrain and should feel ok skiing black diamond runs in ungroomed conditions.

This clinic will be held in the backcountry regardless of weather, so come prepared to stay out all morning.  

Registration will be open to participants at the Utah Avalanche Center booth at VertFest.

Plan to arrive and check in by 8:45 am.  The class will meet and head out at 9:00.